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Audi, the early adopters

Audi is proud of its philosophy “Vorsprung Durch Technik”, or advancement through technology. In staying true to this philosophy Audi has become one of the 1st car manufacturers to release its magazine as an iPad Application.
Audi magazine’s current publisher, Northstar has designed and developed the iPad Application which makes the Audi magazine available via the Apple iPad. The Audi magazine is already an award winning publication; the iPad application has taken it to the next level.
The iPad magazine takes the content from the traditional magazine and expands on it; the application goes beyond flat-page replications, instead presenting something that is multi-layered, expansive and revolutionary. As well as reproducing the content of the normal magazine the iPad app adds floating text over high-definition photographs, smoothly animated box-outs, picture galleries, videos and full-screen 360-degree rotating views.
Peter Duffy, Audi UK’s head of marketing commented, “Audi has always been an early adopter, whether it be of mechanical or digital game of war fire age cheats hack technology. The Audi Magazine app is the latest example of our commitment to Vorsprung Durch Technik. This product will genuinely enhance Audi Magazine’s already rich content, bringing the excitement of Audi further to life.”
The Audi Magazine is a customer publication with a UK circulation of more than 350,000 per issue. The new iPad app is proving to be successful too; game of war fire age cheats hack it has already broken into the Top 50 chart of most-downloaded free apps achieving more than 15,000 downloads in the first two weeks. The Audi iPad app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store, for more information contact Audi Edinburgh who is actively promoting the magazine.